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Meet the host

A Radio Presenter, Creative, Entrepreneur, Music artist, a brother and a child of God.

Born February 8th in a central hill based town of Kabwe in Zambia. ECHO is the first in a breed of two.

In unlocking the unusual economical traits to fit the table, his parents moved to the capital city of Lusaka in the same year. Having lost his biological father at a tender age of nine (9) saw him loose in the many aspects of his intriguing ties as a young kid.

Church was a religious pair in fitting his family’s custom type which is a mandate. During his Junior and High school days in Lusaka, Joshua Suwilanji Chikonde made trips to and from the Copperbelt during his holidays. It was on the copperbelt, in the city of Kitwe where his deep encounter with Hip Hop at a camp meeting started. His interests behind the beat boxing, word play, Catchy hooks, rhyme patterns executed by a group of some well known rappers locally that one night could only be stopped by the onslaught off his tired eye lids that kept asking for some sleep.

With influences from many renowned circular rappers and Kingdom based gifted like T-bone, The cross movements…. had him quoting some lines of Rhyming with Poetry to match with the beats. However this led to his GOD given ability to write songs and rhymes, poetry and free styling on a number of occasions to showcase his versatility. Following circular features in a number of tracks and a 12 laced mix-tape, his desire to do what was right opted for some refurbishment.

With the long struggle of acceptance, truth and several addictions, It was in the year 2010 when he finally acknowledged the flow of GOD’S Grace in his life and made a life changing U-turn…..his life has never been the same ever since! Entirely a product of grace…..ALL GLORY AND HONOUR TO THE MANUFACTURER!

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