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On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, Radio Christian Voice has launched the RCV Music Awards (RCVMAs). The RCVMAs are designed to empower Christian artists by celebrating and recognising excellence in their works.

The first RCVMAs will be taking place on Nov 30, 2024 

The RCVMAs will be held at Music Club, Eastpark in Lusaka, Zambia 

RCVMAs are designed to empower Christian artists through recognizing their talent, hard work, and contribution to spreading the Gospel. 

We define a Christian artist as one who is actively pursuing a career in the music/creative industry, professes to be a born-again Christian, planted in a local church, accountable to spiritual leadership who can confirm his/her testimony of salvation, exhibiting a lifestyle and character that lives up to biblical standards and using his/her craft to glorify God and expand His kingdom.

Works must have been officially released between April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2024 to be considered for the RCVMAs.

Are you an artist who is keen to be part of the RCVMAs?