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Zambia Revenue Authority, ZRA, says it has been implementing initiatives that are working to increase tax revenue collection in the country.

ZRA Acting Commissioner General, Ernest Sigande, said this in Lusaka today, during the launch of the late first Zambia’s President, Kenneth Kaunda, at 100 birthday celebrations.

Mr. Sigande said enhanced revenue collection will provide the government with substantial funds for investments in people and communities as well.

“This way, the country will be able to realise the economic and social benefits that founding father, Dr. Kaunda championed,” said Mr. Sigande.

He said the celebration of the KK at 100 birthday is also an affirmation of the belief that  Dr. Kaunda had, in unifying the country through his mantra, One Zambia, One nation!.

Mr. Sigande said Dr. Kaunda is remembered for pioneering political liberation of Zambia and many other African countries, for being a pan-Africanist, for being a devoted Christian, for being a lover of sports like golf and football,  and for being a family person, among others.

By Eva Hatontola

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