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The Zambia Revenue Authority ZRA will start implementing mandatory pre-clearance of commercial goods effective 1st May 2024.

Under the pre-clearance facility, clearing agents or importers lodge the necessary importation documents with ZRA prior to the arrival of the goods into the country.

ZRA Corporate Communications Manager Oliver Nzala says the measure is meant to enhance efficiency and improve the turnaround time in clearance and movement of goods at all borders.

“When the goods arrive at the border, there would be less time taken to process the clearance and this will reduce the time goods spend at one point before getting to the final destination”, said Mr. Nzala in a statement issued to RCV News in Lusaka today.

He said that the new measure entails that Bills of entry for all imports and exports should be registered and processed on the ASYCUDA World system, at least 5 days before the goods arrive at the intended port of entry or exit.

Mr. Nzala has  therefore urged  urge all stakeholders to comply with the requirement, adding that any consignment that arrives at the border without a Customs declaration will be subjected to a penalty of 1667 fee units equivalent to K500.10.

By Angel Kasabo

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