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ZedSMS Technology, a software development company, engaged by government to conduct the digital transitioning of Zambia National Registration Cards, NRCs, has been accused of terminating work contracts of its workers without notice.

The former employees, who spoke on the basis on anonymity, told RCV News in an interview today that their former employer did not give them notice to prepare for their abrupt dismissal after working for about five months.

They said this has affected them negatively because they have families to take care of.

The workers complained against what they called abrupt release from their job.

But commenting on the matter, company Operations Director, Dalitso Lwenje, refuted the allegations, saying the dismissed employees did not have active contracts, hence the company engaging and dismissing them verbally.

Mr. Lwenje said in an interview with RCV News in Lusaka today that the said former employees’ contracts were verbal short term contracts and that they were due at the time of termination.

He said the company engaged them further in verbal form, based on the type of job they were engaged to do.

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