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Zambeef Products PLC has proposed the  standardization and consolidation of the council levies under one oversight Government Ministry, in the 2025 National Budget, to reduce the cost of doing business.

In the 2025 National Budget Submission Paper signed by Zambeef Executive – Corporate Affairs & Sustainability, Ezekiel Sekele, the company said it incurred almost  K9 million in 2023 as Council levy payments to all Councils where they operate.

Mr. Sekele says Zambeef therefore proposes that the council levies be harmonized and reduced to promote investment and trade.

“Current Council levies increase cost of doing business and thus hinders planning and development,” read  Zambeef National Budget Submission Paper signed by Mr. Sekele.

And Mr. Sekele said Zambeef has proposed an increase in Import Duty of Yoghurt and LL Life Milk from 25% to 50%, while Powdered Milk import duty has been proposed to increase from 15% to 25%, to give room for local producers to flourish.

He said Local Production of Dairy Products can positively impact on local dairy farmers and thereby drive increased employment and local empowerment.

“This will enable growth of local production capacity,” said Mr. Sekele.

By Eva Hatontola