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The Zambia Police are investigating a case where a witchdoctor is linked to the death of a couple in Shimwengwe village of Kanakantapa in Chongwe District.

Zambia Police Public Relations Officer Rae Hamoonga has identified the deceased as Charles Umba, aged 29, and his wife,  Saliva Umba, aged 32,  who suddenly died after hosting a witchdoctor commonly known as, Dr. Simple, 3 days prior to their deaths.

Mr. Hamoonga explained that  on the evening of June 19, 2024, the now-deceased couple went to bed and unfortunately, at approximately 01:00 hrs, Mr. Charles Umba discovered that his wife was cold and unresponsive.

“He informed their neighbour, Bertha Mwanza around 06:00 hrs who confirmed that she had already died,” said Mr. Hamoonga in a statemenet issued to RCV News in Lusaka today.

Mr. Hamoonga said that Mr. Umba and the neighbour transported her body to Kanakantapa Police Post to obtain a brought in dead certificate and whilst there, Mr. Umba suddenly became unconscious.

He said that Mr. Umba was rushed to  Kanakantapa Health Post, where he was pronounced dead upon arrival at approximately 08:00hrs, adding that the  bodies of couple were inspected and no physical injuries were observed.

Mr. Hamoonga said that a Crime scene visit was conducted, during which a jug of water mixed with herbs was found in the house, adding that it has been secured for a toxicology examination.


He said that the manhunt for the witchdoctor has since been launched.


By Angel Kasabo