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Ministry of Health Lusaka Provincial Health Director, Aspha Choonga, says there is need for strengthened stakeholder coordination and enhanced public awareness towards the fight against preventable diseases in the province and country at large.

Dr. Choonga said the Ministry acknowledges the influence and vital role of stakeholders in various communities to mitigate the anticipated rise in the disease burden as a result of climate change.

Speaking during the official opening of a two-day Integrated Stakeholder Engagement Meeting in Lusaka today, Dr. Choonga said advocacy engagement is important for collaborative efforts and synergies needed to support Child and other related health issues in the country.

Meanwhile, Dr. Choonga has urged stakeholders including the media to collaborate and disseminate right information that will benefit the people of Zambia.

“Among other key strategies for preventing preventable diseases is to provide effective communication to the general public,” said Dr. Choonga

The engagement meeting is running from 18th June to19th June 2024.


By Margaret Mwanza