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Energy Expert Johnstone Chikwanda says the staggered 8 hour daily load shedding schedule for residential areas in Lusaka is progressive.

ZESCO Yesterday implemented a staggered 8 hour load shedding schedule, where each area will experience two power outages of four hours, spread throughout the day with the aim of minimizing disruption.

Speaking in an interview with RCV News in Lusaka today, Dr. Chikwanda said that the new schedule will give life to the small business in residential areas and will further give them enough time to do their business.

“The move has given the small business and markets connected to residential lines a lease of life that will reduce the cost of doing business”, said Dr. Chikwanda.

He said that Zesco should asses the performance of the new schedule in Lusaka and consider extending the initiative to other towns.


By Angel Kasabo

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