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The opposition Socialist Party has backed the ruling African National Congress ANC Party ahead of tomorrows elections in South Africa.

South Africans go the polls tomorrow 29th May, 2024 in National and Provincial elections to elect a new National Assembly and state legislatures.

Party President Fred M’membe says the ANC, whatever the challenges they may have faced in the last 30 years of governance, still presents itself as one of the most progressive political organizations on the continent.

“As much as there are many challenges, the ANC losing elections in South Africa by failing to get the majority will spell doom for Africa,” said Mr. M’membe in a statement issued to RCV News in Lusaka today.

He said that the forces that want the ANC to lose the elections are not interested in the well-being of South Africans, SADC or Africa in general but domination.

Dr. M’membe emphasized that the ANC presents itself as the most formidable anti-imperialist force on the continent.

By Angel Kasabo

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