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Vice President Mutale Nalumango says the former ruling party, the Patriotic Front (PF) is eating itself into oblivion and should not blame its wrangles on the ruling party.

Mrs. Nalumango says the Zambians need a strong opposition but that the PF is annoying the people with its firing and hiring of each other without stability.

She was speaking in the National Assembly this morning during the Vice President Question Time, in response to Mpika Member of Parliament, Francis Kapyanga, who wanted to know if government is prioritising politics over citizens’ needs by pushing for 9 by elections.

Mrs. Nalumango however challenged the PF to go and become a proper opposition without looking at competitors, the UPND, to help them.

“PF is eating itself and expects the UPND to help, we will not help them, they have let the Zambian people down,” said Mrs Nalumango.

She challenged the PF to name who their current President is.


By Eva Hatontola