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The Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security Permanent Secretary, Dickson Matembo, says that the identification procedures on bodies recovered from a road accident in Serenje have been concluded.

On May, 2, 2024, a tragic road traffic accident occurred 25 kilometres from Serenje along the great north road involving a collision between a truck and an oil tanker truck, resulting in the loss of 7 lives burnt beyond recognition.

Mr. Matembo said the pathological examinations were conducted locally and by Zambian experts at the office of the state forensic pathologist and the national forensic science and biometrics department in Lusaka.

“The shift to local investigations not only demonstrates Zambia’s improved capabilities, but also the Ministry’s commitment to financial responsibility,” said Mr. Mutembo.

Mr. Mutembo said that the identification process begun with the meticulous documentation of each victim, including the collection of personal effects, DNA samples, and other relevant information that could aid in the identification process.

He said the identification of victims is not only a moral obligation but also a crucial step in the grieving and healing process for families and communities.


By Bibiana Lambart