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The opposition New Heritage Party says they will go ahead with the planned Mandevu rally on 1st June, 2024, despite not getting a conclusive response from the Zambia Police.

Party President Chishala Kateka has also accused the Police of  giving the party what she  called   vague, lame and unexplained response of ‘security concerns’, despite a three weeks notice given.

Ms. Kateka says the rally will go ahead because of reasons, among them, being within the law, exercising of their democratic rights, and having a responsibility to their  members and to the nation at large, to stand up to oppression.

“As New Heritage Party, we are not here to cower behind pretense for politics sake but are here to walk the talk.  We shall not call upon fellow citizens to do what we ourselves, are not prepared to do.  When we call upon other citizens to stand up for their rights, know for a certainty Mr. IG that this is a sacrifice that we ourselves are willing to make.  We shall lead from the front,” said Ms Kateka in a statement issued in Lusaka today.

Ms. Kateka encouraged  citizens to stand up for their rights and refuse to be taken back to a one party state.

By Eva Hatontola

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