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The National Action for Quality Education in Zambia NAQEZ has called for reforms of the National Pension Scheme Authority NAPSA act, to allow individual contributors receive a lumpsum package after retirement.

The current social security structure of NAPSA does not provide for the receipt of a lump sum upon retirement, instead pensioners under NAPSA only receive monthly allowances.

NAQEZ Executive Director Aaron Chansa says the proposed reforms will ensure that teachers currently contributing to NAPSA will not face destitution and depression after retirement.

“Experience by contributors to the Public Service Pensions Fund PSPF, has shown that the lump sum protects workers from destitution after retirement, on condition that the retiree invests a substantial amount of money into income-generating projects and activities” said Mr. Chansa in statement issued to RCV News in Lusaka today.

He has therefore urged all teachers to unite over the issues as the nation risks exposing teachers and other workers to severe suffering after retirement.

Chimba Chilopa/ Angel Kasabo