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The Zambia Revenue Authority ZRA at Nakonde One Stop Border Post collected a total of K 8.4 billion in 2023 compared to K5 billion in 2022, representing a 67.3 percent increase in revenue collection.

ZRA Commissioner General, Dingani Banda, said this during a press briefing held at the Nakonde customs offices that the One Stop Border Post is earmarked for transformation that will enhance facilitation of traffic flow and increase revenue collection.

Mr. Banda indicated that Nakonde border is a strategic port of entry and exit in terms of trade facilitation and revenue collection.

He also mentioned that the Nakonde border post is of strategic importance in the realization of the sustainable development anchored on the first strategic pillar of the Eighth National Development Plan(8NDP) which is, economic transformation and job creation.

He stated that the collection of K8.4 billion revenue was the highest revenue contributor under the customs services in the year under review as compared to other ports in the country.

“And when you look at the Economic Transformation and Job Creation pillar, this is where Nakonde fits in,” Mr. Banda said.

The ZRA boss also said that in order to maximize revenue collection at the border post, the authority will be undertaking infrastructure upgrades.

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