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The Millers Association of Zambia, MAZ, has predicted a further upward adjustment in the prices of Mealie Meal, in view of the new Maize purchasing price of K330 per 50 Kilogram   by the Food Reserve Agency FRA.

MAZ President Andrew Chintala says other factors that are projected to push further the price of Mealie Meal include the current drought, high fuel prices and loadsheding being experienced.

Mr. Chintala said this in Lusaka today when he featured on Christian Voice’s Chatback program.

He said the FRA purchasing price of maize, the drought, the high fuel prices and the loadshedding will increase the cost of producing Mealie Meal, which he said will in-turn push upwards the prices.

“Milling companies are grappling with the said challenges that are key in the production process of the staple commodity,” said Mr. Chintala.

And Mr. Chintala urged the Ministry of Agriculture to release the balance sheet of the available Maize in the country.

He said that the release of the available maize will help millers plan in view of the anticipated low production this year.


By Angel Kasabo

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