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An estimated 279 households in Mwanaute, Kamisengo, and Lwamizambo communities of Kalumbila District in North-Western Province, are slated for displacement to facilitate the expansion of Lumwana Copper Mines.

Centre for Trade Policy and Development (CTPD) and Zambia Land Alliance (ZLA), have since raised concerns about the impact of the scheduled displacement on local communities and their environment.

In a statement  on behalf of the two organisations,  CTPD  Executive Director Isaac Mwaipopo, said the mine’s expansion should adhere to national and international legal standards, ensuring the protection of affected communities’ rights and interests.

Mr. Mwaipopo emphasized the need to achieve a balance between the growth of the mining sector and the well-being and safety of local communities.

“Furthermore, concerns were raised about inconsistencies in the resettlement action plan. Some households are being engaged individually, while others with multiple landholdings face the prospect of merged compensation, potentially jeopardizing their land rights,” said Mr. Mwaipopo.

Meanwhile, ZLA Executive Director, Patrick Musole urged the affected household to carefully read and understand the resettlement action plan agreement before signing it.

Mr. Musole said critical analysis of the agreement will help address any future concerns if their rights and interests are not fully met.

He further urged the Mining Company to ensure that the agreements are translated in the language the affected communities can read and understand to ensure that people understand what they are signing for.


By Eva Hatontola