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Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zambia is mapping schools and healthcare facilities across the country, to devise internet connectivity solutions.

This is in line with Liquid Zambia’s plans to extend internet connectivity to key towns and remote areas across Zambia.

Liquid Zambia Chief Executive Officer, Mark Townsend, says the connectivity to Makeni, Balmoral, Eureka, and Solwezi – Kabitaka and Mushtala Residential areas, lays the groundwork for future development and positioning the country as a digital regional hub.

“By increasing broadband infrastructure in rural areas, Liquid Zambia aims to stimulate economic growth, foster job creation, and enhance access to education and healthcare resources,” said Mr. Townsend in a statement issued to RCV News in Lusaka today.

He said internet connectivity remains vital in driving digital growth, since only about 4.4M of the almost 20M Zambians are internet users at the moment.

Mr. Townsend said the Liquid projects aspire to boost innovation and entrepreneurship, and provide connectivity-driven opportunities to small businesses and households, the education and entertainment sectors, and other industries.

He said over 600,000 homes across the country are set to benefit from internet connectivity.

By Eva Hatontola

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