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The Opposition Leadership Movement says the 2023  trends report that recorded  K13.58 Billion Kwacha in suspicious Transactions released by the Financial intelligence Centre (FIC), is proof of the existing corruption under the new dawn government.

The (FIC) in its latest report recorded K13.58 Billion Kwacha in suspicious transactions in 2023, an increase of  133% compared to K5.83 billion recorded in 2022.

Speaking in an interview with RCV News in Lusaka today, Party Secretary General, Jairos Ngoma, says the K13.58 billion in suspicious transitions is contrary to the pronouncements made by the president on safe guarding public resources.

“The high increment in suspicious transactions would be attributed to the non-existence  of stiff laws on corruption,” said Mr. Ngoma.

He has therefore called on government to rethink its strategy on fighting corruption by prosecuting offenders.


By Angel Kasabo