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Free Press Initiative, FPI, has called on journalists to counter disinformation and misinformation campaigns that threaten the validity of scientific research and hinder public understanding of environmental crises.

FPI Executive Director, Joan Chirwa, said this in a message to commemorate 2024 World Press Freedom Day under the theme “A Press for The Planet: Journalism in The Face of Environmental Crisis”.

Ms. Chirwa said Journalists should amplify voices by giving a platform to the stories of those most affected by environmental changes, especially vulnerable communities, and highlight the urgency of taking action.

“The media can also promote dialogue by encouraging public discourse and debate on environmental policies and actions, contributing to democratic decision-making processes,” said Ms. Chirwa.

Meanwhile, Ms. Chirwa said the past year saw a troubling trend in the arrests and intimidation of journalists in Zambia.

She highlighted instances where journalists were detained and forced to delete their work, saying such acts are not only an infringement on press freedom but also a direct attack on the public’s right to information.

Ms. Chirwa said government should respect and uphold the constitutional right to freedom of expression and press freedom.


By Eva Hatontola

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