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Minister of Justice Mulambo Hiambe has downplayed assertions by some members of the public, alleging that governments decision to partner with International Resources Holdings IRH on the running of Mopani Copper Mine fell short of constitutional requirements.

There have been concerns from members of the public and some experts that the Mopani transaction deal fell short of the requirements, alleging that the decision to settle for IRH as equity partner in Mopani should have passed through parliamentary votes.

But speaking in an interview with RCV News in Lusaka today, Mr. Haimbe said that the Zambian constitution article 210, clearly states that a major state asset shall be sold, transferred or otherwise disposed off, as prescribed, subject to the approval of the National Assembly signified by a vote of at least two-thirds of the Members of Parliament.

“Government has not disposed off Mopani, but merely entered into a partnership with IHR in the running of the mine” said Mr. Haimbe.

He said that the transaction is legal and did not breach any constitutional clauses.

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