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Zambia’s President Hakainde Hichilema has called on members states of the Southern African Development Community SADC, to consider buying goods from each other as a way of improving intra regional trade.

President Hichilema was speaking during a meeting with Botswana’s President Mogwetsi Masisi taking in place in Zambia’s Tourist Capital Livingstone today.

President Hichilema encouraged countries to buy from each other to grow business in the region.

“This is a practical way of growing to benefit our citizens”, said President Hichilema.

And Botswana’s President Mogwetsi Masisi said the people of the two countries are one and the same.

He expressed gratitude to President Hichilema and the Zambian for the hospitality extended to him and his entourage.


By Bibiana Lambart

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