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Acting Education Minister Felix Mutati says government has doubled the amount of grants to schools in an effort to help with operations.

Mr. Mutati says government took the decision to increase the grants in order to ensure that all schools have enough resources to fully implement the Free Education Policy.

Speaking at Ciela Resort in Chongwe when he officiated at the UNESCO International Symposium, Mr. Mutati said all schools now receive their grants at the same time.

“We send the grants to all schools at the same time and with the same amount. We increased the grant because we want to have an efficient education system,” said Mr. Mutati.

He also said salaries are now beiang paid on time so that teachers have disposable income for their usage and stay motivated.

And Mr.  Mutati said Government is working on reducing the teacher-pupil ratio from the current 1 teacher to 15 pupils to 1 teacher to 7 pupils.

He said the reduction is being done to ensure that pupils have more attention from their teachers and this will in turn improve learning.

“We want teachers to attend to fewer pupils so that there is feedback and concentration in class,” said Mr. Mutati.

By Eva Hatontola

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