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Minister of Transport and Logistics, Frank Tayali says the Zambian and Tanzanian Governments want TAZARA to undergo a full concession as a unit, and that the shareholders are open to look at various models that would make this possible.

Mr. Tayali said this during the luncheon hosted by the Chinese Charge ď Affaires to Zambia, Mr. Wang Sheng at the Chinese Ambassador’s Residence.

He said concessionaires will be able to spell out in clear terms the steps they will take in the revitalization process in areas such as track maintenance and improvement, that will also encompass safety issues to include the signaling system.

Mr. Tayali also expressed Government’s desire to see to it that the plight of the workers is considered and looked into, as the concession is being discussed.

“There will be need to get a good set of workers and managers and train them in this field”, said Mr. Tayali.

And Mr. Wang said China attaches great importance to the project as it is a critical investment and show of friendship among Zambia, Tanzania and China.

He said the whole project has to be commercialized and make it more economically viable for it to be sustainable adding that such is the common goal that the three countries share.

Mr. Wang agreed with the Minster that the plight of all the employees on both sides needs to be taken care of as they are cardinal to the success of this program.


By Eva Hatontola 

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