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Family Development Initiatives, FDI, Team Leader Sheikh Yusuf Ayami, has expressed gratitude towards countries like Britain, for  what he called swift response to Zambia’s call for disaster relief. 

In a statement to RCV News in Lusaka today, Mr.  Ayami said the British Government’s announcement of a Seven Million Pound aid package to Zambia’s Social Cash Transfer scheme deserves appreciation.

Mr. Ayami said, during a press event, British High Commissioner to Zambia, Nicholas Wooley, revealed that the contribution is part of a broader emergency relief effort aimed at alleviating the impact of the severe drought that has gripped Zambia.

He said FDI is happy to note that the British support is expected to expand the reach of the Social Cash Transfer program, enabling it to assist up to six million beneficiaries across Zambia.

“This multifaceted approach to disaster response underscores the critical role of international solidarity and cooperation in times of crisis”, said Mr. Ayami.

He said the British aid is important because Zambia is grappling with hunger crisis.

Mr.  Ayami said the Social Cash Transfer initiative is a lifeline for countless Zambian families, providing them with the financial means to navigate through challenging times.

By Margaret Mwanza

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