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The Centre for Trade Policy and Development, CTPD, is concerned with the delay by government to enact the Tobacco Control law.

According to a statement issued to RCV News in Lusaka today by CTPD-Legal Researcher, Lucy Musonda, Ministry of Health statistics show that about 7,000 deaths in Zambia are tobacco-related.

Ms. Musonda said such deaths are preventable if government establishes required measures.

She said government has taken a reluctant approach towards the enactment of the Tobacco Control Law, despite the  commitment made in 2008 to fulfil the right to life through the ratification of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

“ The delay demonstrates its lack of commitment to protect and fulfil the right to life as tobacco continues to kill people in Zambia,” said Ms. Musonda.

Ms. Musonda said enacting the Tobacco control law will send a strong message to the public about the need to help reduce diseases and deaths caused by tobacco use and exposure, hence, safeguarding the right to life of all Zambian people.

“This is cardinal because tobacco intake does not only affect voluntary smokers but also secondary and tertiary consumers, hence, the right to life of every human being is under threat,” said Ms. Musonda.


By Eva Hatontola


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