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The Vedanta Must Return Community Campaign Movement (Chingola/Chililabombwe Consortium) says the introduction of a new equity partner into Mopani is a pivotal moment which promises economic revival for the Copperbelt Province.

The Movement’s Coordinator Chishala Mwamba said in a statement to RCV news in Lusaka today that the combined $1.1 billion investment into Mopani by IRH and the $1 billion investment commitment by Vedanta Resources into KCM will serve as a catalyst for Zambia’s economic growth.

Mr. Mwamba said a 49% ZCCM-IH to 51% IRH shareholding ratio, signals the dawn of a new era for both the Copperbelt Province and the nation at large.

He said the full restoration of KCM under Vedanta Resources will undoubtedly herald a transformative era for the province and fully restore the people’s confidence in the UPND Government

“Mopani Copper Mines offers hope, particularly for the youths, who eagerly anticipate opportunities for meaningful employment and businesses”, said Mr. Mwamba.

Mr. Mwamba anticipated that the mine employ over 2,000 individuals.


By Bibiana Lambart

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