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Dundumwezi Member of Parliament Edgar Sing’ombe has appealed for the construction of Dams in Nkandazovu area of his constituency, to facilitate irrigation farming activities.

Nkandazovu area in Dundumwezi constituency is comprised of people who were displaced from Siavonga District more than 50 years ago, to facilitate for the construction of the Kariba Dam.

However, Mr. Sing’ombe says the people of Nkandazovu were taken away from the Zambezi River where they grew maize all year round to a dry place where they are now badly hit by the impacts of climate change.

“Construction of Dams will be the only way that Nkandazovu people will inherit the land they left behind,” said Mr. Sing’ombe on Tuesday, during the launch of Nkandazovu 34KWp solar Mini-Grid by the Rural Electrification Authority, REA.

And Mr. Sing’ombe asked government to consider reducing the price of Maize being sold by the Food Reserve Agency FRA from K230 to a more affordable price.

He explained that the dry spells left devastating impacts for the community that highly depends on farming.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sing’ombe thanked REA for launching the Solar Mini-Grid in Nkandazovu, saying this will improve the social lives of the people.

By Angel Kasabo



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