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Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo has urged members of the public to practice good hygiene to avoid contracting or transmitting conjunctivitis, following an outbreak of the disease in the country that has affected Mambwe and Chadiza Districts in Eastern Province and Mpulungu of Northern Province.

The Provincial Health Office in Eastern province has reported over 1,300 cases of conjunctivitis presenting with inflamed eyes affecting mostly children and young people in Mambwe and Chadiza District.

“As of Thursday, 21st March 2024, 69 and 17 new cases of infectious conjunctivitis have been reported in Mambwe and Chadiza Districts respectively within the last 24 hours,” said Ms. Masebo.

She has advised against sharing of personal belongings such as facecloths and makeup among others.

Ms. Masebo said this when she delivered a ministerial statement in parliament today.

She said the eye infection is highly transmissible and all those affected should recover from home.

“The country’s surveillance systems are active and working to contain the outbreak,” said Ms. Masebo.

She has called on members of parliament to sensitize members of their constituencies on the dangers of the disease and for them to follow health professional’s advice on how best to prevent the disease.

“Schools across the country should ensure to provide necessary hygiene facilities for pupils to help them prevent Conjunctivitis also knows as the red or pink eye disease,” said Ms. Masebo.


By Michelo Hachizibe.

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