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Chirundu Town Council, CTC, has terminated a contract for the construction of its office block which was awarded to Kwacha Industries and Hardware Limited, amounting to over  K1 million for failing to meet contractual obligations.

Council Public Relations Officer, Nakubiana Shabongo, has told RCV News in a statement that Kwacha Industries and Hardware Limited’s delay in delivering the project within schedule is an abrogation of both the law and the agreement it signed with the Local Authority.

“The law is very clear on construction matters and we wonder why the contractor decided to break the law”, said Ms. Shabongo.

Ms. Shabongo said the project which was financed by the Chirundu Council’s locally generated revenue was supposed to be finalized within a contractual period of three months but works stalled for more than six months which left the Council with no choice but to terminate the contract.

She said the Local Authority will soon advertise for invitation of bids for the completion of the named project and would like to caution that the Council will entertain any breach of contractual agreements regarding its projects.

By Margaret Mwanza

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