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Six Churches in Chinsali District of Muchinga province have been found to contravene set public health guidelines.

Chinsali Council Assistant Public Relations Manager, Lolavye Simukoko, says inspections have revealed that six churches are in contravention of the Public Health Act Cap,  the Food Safety Act, the Local Government Act,  and the Public Health (Infected Areas) (Cholera) (Amendment) Regulations, of 2024.

Mr. Simukoko said those found wanting had Dirty toilet facilities, inadequate handwashing facilities, overgrown vegetation around toilet facilities,  incomplete building infrastructure for toilets and non subscription for waste collection services, among others.

“Faith-Based Organizations should play a key role in the fight against cholera by sensitizing the community and intensifying the sanitation and hygiene standards in their premises”, said Mr. Simukoko in a statement issued in Lusaka today.

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