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Chief Chipepo of the Tonga speaking people in Southern Province has complained that his subjects are hard hit by the current drought the country is facing, especially that they have been neglected by successive governments, after being displaced to pave way for Kariba Dam Construction over 50 years ago.

Speaking in an interview with RCV News in Lusaka today, the traditional leader said he longs for a time when a government will fulfill the promises made to his subjects of improving their lives.

He complained that most of the chiefdom area still lacks adequate schools and health facilities as well as electricity, despite having been displaced from Kariba area, to pave way for the country’s largest Hydro Power Plant.

“If you go to Ing’ombe Ilede   you can cry, the drought has hit hard, the situation is bad,” said Chief Chipepo.

Chief Chipepo however said his Chiefdom has been holding prayers against the drought to keep hope among the people.

He also said he has been advocating for an end to charcoal burning as a means to fight climate change.

Chief Chipepo said this is in addition to the tree planting exercise taking place in his area, being sponsored by a group from the United Nations Climate Change Headquarters.


By Eva Hatontola