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Government has commended the Centre for Environment Justice, (CEJ), for empowering 8 Savings Groups with Business Seed Grants in Serenje District, of Central Province.

Serenje District Commissioner Paul Masuwa said government takes pride in witnessing initiatives aimed at fostering economic empowerment and financial inclusion within the community.

Mr. Masuwa said financial inclusion is a crucial instrument for improving the living conditions of people from excluded groups, which, in turn, promotes their economic empowerment.

“Savings Group Support Program addresses a critical need in the community by providing essential capital to savings groups,” said Mr. Masuwa in a statement issued to RCV News in Lusaka today by CEJ Communications Unit.

Meanwhile, CEJ Executive Director Maggie Mwape said the exercise was made possible because of the generous support of Bread for the World.

Ms. Mwape said that the financial assistance represents an investment  for member of the community, saying that in less than three months of establishing the self-led village banks, they have collectively saved over K40,000.

She said the CEJ Savings Group Loans Support Program operates as a community revolving fund.


Angel Kasabo