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Transparency International Zambia (TI-Z) has called for the amendment of the Public Interest Disclosure Act No. 4 of 2012, to ensure it effectively supports whistleblowers by providing them with sufficient protection and incentives to report corrupt activities without fear of reprisal.

TI-Z Executive Director, Maurice Nyambe, said this in his message to mark the 2024 Africa Anti-Corruption Day, being commemorated today under the theme “Effective Whistleblower Protection Mechanism: A Critical Tool in the Fight Against Corruption”.

Mr. Nyambe said the Public Interest Disclosure Act, in its current state,  lacks provisions for protecting whistleblowers outside the framework of employment and that it fails to address the issue of safe houses for whistleblowers.

He also said the Act is silent on the remuneration for whistleblowers in cases where their actions lead to asset recovery, and said perennial problem of defining ‘public officer’ remains unresolved.

“As we commemorate this important day, we call on the Zambian government and all stakeholders to prioritize the amendment of the Public Interest Disclosure Act,” said Mr. Nyambe.

Mr. Nyambe called for adoption of measures that ensure comprehensive protection for whistleblowers.

By Eva Hatontola