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“Ten people have died in three different Districts of Southern Province after consuming a suspected poisonous home-made beer,” Deputy Police Public Relations, Danny Mwale has said in a statement issued to RCV News in Lusaka today.

Mr. Mwale said two people died in Zimba District, while five others are admitted to Kabanga Rural Health Centre where they are battling for their lives after drinking suspected beer made out of Methylated spirit.

He said the incident happened on Sunday, May 12 and May 13, 2024 but was only reported to Police in Zimba District on May 16, 2024 around 10:00 hours.

“Police Immediately instituted investigations which revealed that the incidents occurred at different times in Siankope A village in Chief Simwatachela’s area,” said Mr. Mwale.

He said Police investigations indicate that the seven victims made beer out of Methylated spirit by mixing with sugar which they drunk and started experiencing some discomfort after few hours.

And Mr. Mwale said three people died and four others are admitted to Kasiya Mission Hospital in Pemba District while five people died in Namwala District under similar circumstances.

He said preliminary investigations indicate that the seven victims were drinking beer made out of Methylated spirit mixed with water and shoe polish.

Mr. Mwale said Police investigations show that reports from members of the public indicate that the number of victims affected as a result of drinking home-made alcohol is more than those reported.


By Eva Hatontola



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