Zambia today joins the rest of the World in Commemorating World Food Day, a Day that is Dedicated to tackling global hunger.
In Commemorating this Day, Caritas Zambia is of the view that food is a basic human right, and yet one in nine people globally experience chronic hunger.
Caritas Zambia Programme Specialist Musamba Mubanga says there are many people in Zambia getting by without food with 2.3 million people believed to be food insecure.
Ms. Mubanga says this is because food is unavailable to them or because it is not affordable and for some, a combination of both.

And the Civil Society Scaling Up Nutrition Alliance Country Coordinator Mathews Mhuru said that there is need for political will in pushing for the increased production and consumption of local and diverse foods.

Mr. Mhuru says this will transform the current nutrition picture in Zambia where 35 percent of children remain undernourished