The Commuter Rights Association of Zambia CRAZ has underscored the need to compel transport operators to reduce on their sitting capacities in view of the raising covid19 cases.

CRAZ President Aaron Kamuti says the reduction of passengers on public motor vehicles will greatly reduce the covid19 transmissions among commuters in the country.

Speaking in an interview with Christian voice news in Lusaka today, Mr. Kamuti has since appealed to transport operators not to compare business and life, adding that the move will also ensure their safety.

Mr. Kamuti lamented on how transport operators have refused to reduce sitting capacities in their vehicles amidst the covid19 pandemic.

He has therefore called on the Ministry of Transport and Communications to intervene on the matter now that covid19 cases are on a surge.

And Mr. Kamuti has also urged commuters to be responsible and practice the health guidelines stipulated by the ministry of health on the coronavirus.