Standard Chartered Bank Zambia has reduced its interest rates on personal loans from 29% to 23  effective 15 August 2022. 

Standard Chartered Bank Chief Executive Officer Sonny Zulu has further announced that the bank has also reduced its mortgage interest rates from 24.5 % to 16%.

Speaking during a press briefing in Lusaka today , Mr. Zulu said that this will enable Zambians access loan services at affordable rates.

And Mr. Zulu has announced that the Bank will soon launch the first phase of Agency Banking across the country.

He said that the first phase will see the opening of over a 100 centers to take banking services closer to the people.

And Mr. Zulu said that the Bank has also upscaled its digital services to customers.

He announced  that the customer rate has grown by 48% adding that the bank is registering 2,500 accounts per month through its digital services.