President Hakainde Hichilema has addressed United Nations Zambian Peacekeepers, who are deployed in Central Africa Republic, and he has assured them that all modalities have been formalised, to ensure they are paid their full benefits as they serve at the mission.

Speaking when he addressed the Zambia Army troop via Zoom today, President Hichilema said he is proud to do what is right, pointing out that the payment of benefits has been long overdue.

The President said he is proud of the men and women in uniform that have dedicated to serve and encouraged them to look out and protect each other.

President Hichilema said governmnet is aware of the challenges the troop is facing but assured that governmnet is working with the UN system to provide as much support as possible to improve their capability to achieve their mission

He encouraged them to focus on their mission and assured of continued interactions with them.

And Zambia Army Commander Lieutenant General Dennis  Alibuzwi, thanked the President for holding the interaction with the troop.

Over 110 Army and Peace keepers are deployed in the Central African Republic.