Masebo breached constitution- Harrington

Former Tourism Minister William Harrington this morning testified before the Roydah Kaoma led tribunal that Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo breached the ZAWA Act and the ministerialcode of conduct when she dismissed the ZAWA Board and 5 senior directors.

Mr. Harrington told the tribunal that the ZAWA Act does not allow the Tourism Minister to dismiss any officer at ZAWA.

He explained that the ZAWA Act clearly stipulates that the Minister is only mandated to appoint the ZAWA board of directors.


Mr. Harrington disclosed that the board is empowered to appoint the ZAWA Director General who in turn appoints the management team.

And Mr. Harrington further revealed that ZAWA should always have a board of directors in place in accordance with the ZAWA Act to avoid political interference but that ZAWA operated without a board for six months under Ms. Masebo.

Mr. Harrington told the tribunal that he was fairly conversant with the ZAWA Act considering that he served as Tourism Minister for close to two years under the MMD administration.

He further noted that the appointment of Glen Vlahakis as ZAWA Director General by Ms. Masebo was a breach of the ZAWA Act as she is not mandated by the law to do so.

Meanwhile, Mr. Harrington this morning requested the tribunal to call eight additional witnesses.

Tribunal Chairperson Justice Kaoma said the tribunal will consider the request in due course.

Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda appointed a tribunal to probe Tourism Minister for alleged interference in the operations of ZAWA